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Successful Cases

Through the annual UCAHP Startup21 Contest(North America Entrepreneurship Contest), SVC Angel Fund has accumulated more than 3,000 quality projects, among which more than 200 startups have received investments from a number of institutions including IDG, ZhenFund, TusPark Ventures, Summitview Capital, Tsing Capital and more.




Bill Liu, a PHD from Stanford University founded Royole. The company was founded with the mission to create the highest quality electronic applications utilizing its proprietary digital display technology. The estimated value of the company is $1 billion dollars, and it is becoming one of the fastest growing unicorn companies . In July of 2015 , the company successfully raised its C-round of about $172M from IDG, Shenzhen Capital, Green Pine Capital Partners, CITIC Capital, etc. In October of 2015, Premier Keqiang Li visited the company.


Goggle Pal

GogglePal ski is a wearable device based on augmented reality. Founded by a team of entrepreneurs from UC Berkeley. The team participated in the Fifth UCAHP North America Entrepreneur Competition in 2015; one month later, seed fund was completed in February 2015. Kickstarter crowdfunding was also a success and ended in May 2015. Their story has been widely reported by US mainstream media for business, outdoor and technology including Gizmag, USA Today, Ski Magazine, Outside Magazine, Freeskier and Teton Gravity Research.


Smarking, a Y Combinator 2015 Winter Class graduate, is a big-data-driven parking application, founded by a MIT PhD graduate. The Smarking start-up team competed in the final round of the UCAHP North America Entrepreneur Competition. Khosla Venture invested $3 million in Smarking.


Orbeus focuses on computer vision algorithms. It provides API to third-party software developers. The team won the Innovation Award in the 3rd UCAHP North America Entrepreneur Competition. Orbeus can identify gender, age, expression, trademarks, articles, and more. It raised $1.6 million in seed round. The company opened Series A funding round in 2014, led by ZhenFund, China Rock’s investment, the company raised a total of $1.1 million dollars. Orbeus has been acquired by Amazon.


PayEgis, founded by Dr. Dejia Wang, a graduate of the University of Science and Technology of China and the University of Wisconsin at Madison. The company provides internet banking security and mobile payment risk solutions. The company set its headquarter in Suzhou Industrial Park. It has raised RMB1.05 billion and is growing rapidly.


Car+ is “Google Glass” designed for cars. The technology projects navigation into the visible range of a driver so the driver does not need to adjust his or her viewing angle in order to view road map and other vehicle information. Car+ is connectable with cellphone systems to enable callbacks, replying messages, wechatting and other tasks. Following the 5th UCAHP North America Entrepreneur Competition, UCAHP provided Car+ with counseling which assisted the startup to obtain millions of dollars in investment and policy support from Jiading government.  


Zoom was established in 2011 by Eric Yuan, former vice president of WebEx (WebEx was acquisited by Cisco). Zoom is committed to provide users with seamless cloud-based video collaboration experience via mobile. It creates an easy-to-use, one-stop service platform for interactive video conferencing for users. The company is currently valued at more than $300 million dollars. Zoom’s current investors include Qualcomm Ventures, Ka-shing Li’s Horizons Ventures, Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang and Dr. Patrick Soon-Shion. As a fast-growing video conference service provider, Zoom raised $30 million dollars in C round, with a total investment of $45.5 million dollars raised.


RippleInfo was founded Dr. Liu Yang, a graduate of Michigan State University. Prior to his startup, Dr. Liu volunteered for UCAHP North America Entrepreneur Competition for 2 years, which profoundly influenced Dr.Liu to embark on the entrepreneurship journey.  The Zero-energy sensor developed by RippleInfo is the basis of Wan networking devices and it even grabbed US senator’s attention. Liu was a winner of the 4th UCAHP North America Entrepreneur Competition. Three months the competition, his company obtained support from Suzhou High-Tech Park and Dr. Liu moved Rippleinfo’s headquarter to Suzhou.