About SVC Angel Fund

SVC Angel Fund was founded and managed by a group of accredited investors and industry professionals. We recognized there was a need for sector-specific angel fund that delivered top-notch, consistent, and high-quality services.

With our extensive and deep network of investors, various-stage partners in both the U.S. and China, and a management team that brings more than 20 years’ field experiences, we are fortunate to not only be able to commence from an informed marketing position but also draw on our world-class expertise especially in the intelligent systems and international venture capital industries.

We invest in early-stage startups that are from Silicon Valley, other parts of North America, and are unique in technological innovations. Our team is committed to utilizing our domain expertise to help you respond swiftly to challenges and opportunities in the following areas: Intelligent Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Big Data, Smart Manufacturing, Robotics, Sensing Technology, Control Technology, Low Power Devices, etc.

Сore values

and our advantages

Intelligent Systems Investment Focus

Our team’s collective knowledge in intelligent systems has been a tremendous privilege when identifying niche market and opportunities for smart technology startups. All projects presented to us will receive a comprehensive evaluation. In addition to the proposed idea, the team behind it,  we also consider a technology’s systematic engineering, its industry applications, its compatibility and scalability compared with existing systems.

Post-Funding Services, Extensive Network of Resources

After funding, our dedicated management team and mentors will continue to provide you with support in areas of human resources, strategic planning, company operations, international talent hunt, market expansion, legal and taxation challenges.

With our comprehensive network of partners including VCs from both the U.S. and China, high-tech incubator partners, local Chinese business organizations, we are uniquely positioned to help startups succeed internationally.

International market penetration and access to a portfolio of diversified investors in turn help startups reduce risk and increase merger and acquisition success rate.


our team


Roy Kong

Roy Kong

Managing Partner

Investment expert with more than 21 years’ experiences in working and investing in Silicon Valley

Senior student adviser at Stanford University

Mentor of Siyuan Program of Tsinghua University

UCAHP (Silicon Valley) Founder and Executive Director

Investor and consultant for more than 20 startups including Kyper, Anford, Beecloud, GogglePal, LocusInfo, Auryc, and etc.

Jianwei Zhang

Jianwei Zhang


Robot academician

University Hamburger academician

Professor of University of Hamburger

Superintendent of Multi-mode Robotics Institute

Industry 4.0 expert

Juehui Hong

Juehui Hong


Expert in manufacturing and supply chain

Manage 60,000 factories

KPCB Strategy counselor

DFJ Strategy counselor

Sanmina-SCI CEO

Hewlett-Packard vice president

Foxconn vice president

Apple’s senior department head

Xue Liu

Xue Liu


Resource aggregator, professor in Artificial Intelligence and networking field

Tsinghua University Bachelor, Master

Doctor of Computer Science in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Professor of McGill University

Zhiqiang Tai

Zhiqiang Tai


One of the first venture capital experts in China

General manager of Mali Venture

Venture general manager of Tsinghua Science Park

20 years professional venture capital experience

Invested in Digital Video, Hong En software, GigaDevice, Silicon Positron

Run Chen

Run Chen


Capital and docking experience, extensive connections

Zhejiang University major in International Finance

Former Beijing branch deputy governor in a foreign bank

More than 10 years of experience in finance, forein exchange, cross-border business , risk management , mergers and acquisitions

Chinese and foreign financing experience

Bijun He

Bijun He


Intelligent Systems expert

Experience in entrepreneurship and large project management

Microsoft product manager

Google product manager / Software Engineer / Technical Lead

UC Berkeley HAAS MBA

Columbia University

Tsinghua University /Sun Yat-sen University

Haiping Zhao

Haiping Zhao


Massive data processing specialist

The first Chinese employee of Facebook

Princeton Ph.D.

Peking University


Jing Liao

Jing Liao

Former Senior VP of Trinet


Co-Chair of Evanta CHRO Summit

CHREATE “Future Workplace” Research Global 50 Chief HR President Summit member

University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management, Master of Human Resources and Industry Relations

Peking University

Oussama Khitib

Oussama Khitib

World leading expert in robots

Professor of Stanford University

President of International Robot Research Foundation (IFRR) 

IEEE RAS Distinguished Service Award 2013.

IEEE RAS Pioneer Award 2010.

Imin Lee

Imin Lee

Serial entrepreneur, startup community leader

Founding CEO,AccelOps

CEO/Founder of Protego Networks (Acquired by Cisco)

Former President, HYSTA(Hua Yuan Science and Technology Association)

Wei Qi

Wei Qi

Intelligent Systems Expert

Senior vice president, co-founder of EHANG

Former vice president of Lenovo Group , Led smart phone hardware project

Tsinghua University PhD

Qionghai Dai

Qionghai Dai

World leading machine vision industry expert

Director of Tsinghua University National Information Technology Laboratory

Three-dimensional reconstruction

Synthetic vision and navigation

Mei Han

Mei Han

World leading expert in Computer Vision

Google research scientist (More than 30 papers)

Computer Science PHD, CMU

Computer Science PHD, Tsinghua University

David Liu

David Liu

CTO Marathon Patent Group

Device Specialist, Inventor

R & D and Management positions at Texas Instruments, AMD, Xinlinx, and Meisen

over 90 US patents

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University

BP Submission